Friday, December 16, 2011

Breakie: Fiber Fusion

About one day a week, I will veer from my staple, two eggs and chicken sausage with some type of fruit or veggie.

Lately, this has been on Friday's... perhaps a celebration of making it through the week. The past two Friday's, I have had a raw oats concoction. From the little research that I have done, eating oats raw doesn't necessarily have added benefit (though cooked it may be a bit easier to digest). I find my body responds well to eating oats in the morning. Packed with soluble fiber and protein, it's a nice start to the day. Here is an interesting article on eating raw oats.

Breakie: Fiber Fusion

1 cup gluten-free raw oats
Few dried cherries,
Few chopped walnuts
~ 2 tbls coconut flakes (organic)
Drizzle of honey
Top with milk of your choice (I used hazelnut this time :))

Enjoy ;)

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