Thursday, January 26, 2012

This has whaaat?...

Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients...

So, I use to eat Morning Star breakfast patties just about every day of my life. From the time they came out on the market until about a year ago. I thought they were amazing and so very satisfying.

Whilst doing my shopping a couple of weeks ago, I thought why not pick some again? I quit eating them because of the soy content. Not only does soy not sit will with me anymore, I don't eat it because it is high in isoflavons; which can cause an imbalance of estrogen for women because it mimics estrogen. Despite the soy craze the past few years, there are actually several reasons to not eat soy or- limit your intake. And if you do eat it, remember that fermented soy is ideal; which is not always easy to find. There is quite the debate about it these days. Mark Sisson talks about here.

Anyway,  I had two patties one morning the other day with breakfast (and did the same one morning last week). Throughout the day I started noticing some of my symptoms (let's just say... things were irritated). I had already thrown the box away so looked up the ingredients online and... yes. Sure enough, every single thing that I do not eat are in those little patties. Wheat. Dairy. Yeast.

What? What? How? What? Why? Why didn't I look at the ingredients like I ALWAYS do. And why for the love of lahdflh would they put all that in there?

It was like reading that I had inadvertently taken a drug. I felt like I needed detox.

Instead of thinking about the many side-effects that could spur because of what I ate- I took a deep breath, called my sister and came to the conclusion that despite my best efforts, there will indeed be more times in my life where I eat something that contains something that I have a sensitivity to. And although I may endure some discomfort (for sometimes days), it will be OK. I will be OK.

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