Friday, February 17, 2012

Traditional Deviled Eggs

I think I could eat twelve deviled eggs and not be full (though I think I'm better off not trying). For some reason these suckers have always been one of my favorites.

This is a downsized recipe- so use your judgement in increasing the ingredients if you use more eggs.

*Note, the boil time for eggs is the same regardless of amount of eggs.

Traditional Deviled Eggs:

2 eggs
2 tbls mayonaise (preferably olive oil based)
1 tsp  mustard  (organic)
Tiny dash of garlic sea salt
Tiny dash of celery salt
Dash of ground pepper
Dash of paprika plus another for the topping

Method to hard-boil eggs:

In a deep sauce pan, boil enough water to cover the eggs plus an additional two inches (estimate here do not put eggs in yet). Add in a bit of extra virgin olive oil- this not only helps in boiling the water, it helps in peeling the eggs. Once it comes to a roaring boil, slowly add in the eggs and turn down heat ever so slightly (i.e. if it's bowling at level 10, turn down to 8.5). Boil for 12 minutes. Place eggs in a strainer and cool. You'll want them completely cold before you peel. To expedite: Run cold water over the eggs, place in fridge and/or put ice cubes over them.

Once they are cooled down- gently crack and peel them. Cut in halves- length wise and pop out the yolk. Mash the yolk and mix in all of the ingredients. Place the mixture evenly in your four egg-halves. Top with paprika. Viola ;)

If you want to spice them up, you can always add ingredients to them such as green onion, pickles, peppers, celery etc.

Enjoy ;)

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