Monday, March 26, 2012

A Fancy French Toast Breakfast

When your in them mix of moving and things are in disarray , sometimes you just have to use the 'formal dining room.' For breakfast...

French toast has been sounding especially good to me lately. With my waffle and pancake obsession, I figured it was about time to do something different and try and make some.

I had some left over  Banana Pecan and Raisin Bread (made with almond flour) and concocted a batter similar to the one on PaleoOMG for the french toast, minus the cinnamon due to my newly found allergy. I know. Sad. Very sad.

Our fancy french toast with eggs and bacon and coffee out of the french press was- well, heavenly.

French Toast:

- Four slices of the Banana Pecan and Raisin Bread (or another GF bread)
-1/4 coconut milk (if it's out of a can be sure to mix well!)
-2 tbls water
-2 cage-free organic eggs
-1 tsp vanilla


In a low dish, combine the coconut milk, water, eggs and vanilla until thoroughly blended. Heat a large skillet on low-medium with coconut oil. Soak each slice of bread in the batter until a coating is on each side. Heat each slice to your liking our until the batter is cooked (should only take about 8 minutes).

Makes enough for about two people.

Serve with whatever sides you desire :) Because of the almond flour bread, I'd see this is about as protein packed as you can get. So it doesn't hurt to put a little bit of 100% pure maple syrup over top... Right?

Enjoy ;)

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