Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Brunch 2012

What was on the menu for Easter brunch you ask?

Well, all items below are gluten, soy, dairy and yeast free and most are paleo friendly (chocolate chip cookies and tapioca pudding are cheats or... paleoish). I didn't 'obtain' recipes for all or capture photos for everything but I'll do my best...

Gorgeous Sunny Colorado Day

Easter Brunch

Ham with a honey glaze (Compliments of mom)
Brunch Time ;)

Deviled Eggs (cutest deviled eggs ever!!! Compliments of my step-mom)

Bacon wrapped dates

Beet Salad (Compliments of my mom)

Cucumber and radish salad with a 'special' vinaigrette (Compliments of my sister)


                         We had fun... ;)

Delicious fruit  (pineapple, watermelon, plums)
Chocolate chip cookies  (compliments of my sister)
We had quite the spread...

Coconut macaroons
Sister's hubby. A man's gotta have his beer ;)

Tapioca pudding
Paleo Carrot Cake 

How grateful I feel to have such amazing people in my life that not only support me in my way of eating, but have fun in doing so. My sister is also dairy & gluten free and my mother doesn't eat a lot of gluten either but has a nut allergy. Put us all in a room to make an Easter Brunch and instead of a hot mess (although we did create a lot of dishes), we take it as an enjoyable challenge and embrace all the things that we can eat. It was the best brunch spread that I have seen. And my body thanked me for it.

Thank you lovely family ;)

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