Monday, May 7, 2012

Breakie: Eggs with Dill & Primal Bread

Simple and hugely satisfying.

Dill seems like an odd thing to crave but I have been craving it nonetheless. So, I bought some fresh dill without knowing what I would use it for, and decided to put some in my eggs this morning. Yum! It added such a nice, subtle flavor. I'm pretty excited to do this a few more times this week and now have the idea to put dill in the next deviled eggs that I make.

Anyway, like I said: Simple...


Eggs with Dill & Paleo Bread:

2 eggs (organic, cage-free)
Pinch of fresh dill
Pinch ground pepper
1 thick slice of leftover Primal Herb Bread


Cook your eggs however you like, combining the dill and pepper about halfway through (I used olive oil to cook them in and did a 'broken once-over-easy' (essentially it's over-easy but I break the yolk so that it's cooked throughout).

Heat up some Primal bread and have a nice protein packed breakie ;)

Enjoy ;)

-Sunshine Girl

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