Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Primal vs Paleo

Dear friends,

You'll notice that I have changed the 'Paleo' category to 'Primal.'  I will slowly update my posts accordingly.

The term 'Paleo' is used quite loosely but it actually has a very specific diet associated with it. The diets/lifestyles are very similar (i.e. "eat how your ancestors ate" or "eat like a caveman").  Similarities largely include the elimination of grains, increasing protein consumption and increasing the consumption of vegetables as well as limiting or eliminating consumption of processed foods.

However, Paleo is much more strict in the sense of what fats you consume and claims that all sweeteners are bad including natural sugars such as honey and maple syrup. The intake of fruit is much more limiting and has more of emphasis on eating fruit such as berries than their higher carbohydrate counterparts such as melon, apples and bananas.

The Paleo diet lists meat such as bacon, chicken wings, pork ribs and T-bone steaks as off limits due to the fat content. It also warns against eating non-grain starches such as sweet potatoes and tapioca.
As far as eggs go, the Paleo adherence would be to limit to six a week. Well, if you have been reading my blog, you know I eat WAY more than six eggs a week- try about 14-18... I'm not saying that I am 'right' but I am certainly not abiding by Paleo. You can find a complete Paleo food list here. The main voice for the Paleo diet is Loren Cordain if you are interested in more on the Paleo diet fundamentals.

Primal, and I will attempt to not butcher this, takes more of a holistic approach and recognizes that we do indeed live in a modern world. It allows for a deeper breadth of options such as eating bacon, bananas and baking with honey. You can read more about this on Mark Sisson's website, the Primal Blueprint author.

"I follow a diet based on an understanding of evolutionary science. I think it’s more important to eat, move, and live according to how humans are designed and not according to society’s artificial developments of the last 100 years. Fortunately, this regimen is not only incredibly healthy, it’s quite simple," Mark Sisson.

So far all intents and purposes of being true, I will refer to my recipes as Primal even though many of them may meet the Paleo standards.

Stay tuned for more Primal recipes! ;)

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