Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flourless Pumpkin Pancakes


Who needs a pancake mix when you only need 4 ingredients?

This is are so simple. Like mindless simple.

Flourless Pumpkin Pancakes:

2 eggs, organic cage-free
1/2 pumpkin puree
1 tbls ground flax-seed
1 tbls arrowroot powder


Spread some extra virgin olive oil (or another oil of your choosing) around in a medium-sized pan or pancake skillet. Heat on low-medium.

Whisk the eggs and pumpkin until well blended. Add in the flax-seed and arrowroot powder and mix well.

Pour two pancakes into the pan and heat for about 3-4 minutes on each side.


As always, you can increase the amount of ingredients depending on how many servings you want. I made these just for me, so I made two.

Also, you can jazz these up a bit by adding in some honey, sea salt, vanilla etc. Though if you do add more liquid based ingredients then I suggest adding in more arrowroot powder and/or or tapioca flour because pumpkin is quite wet.

Enjoy ;)

-Sunshine Girl

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