Sunday, June 24, 2012

Primal Breakfast 101

The first thing that people usually ask me when I tell them that I am primal is: "So, what do you eat?" Followed by, "Hm. So, What do you eat for breakfast?"

A LOT of different things actually! I have a passion for coming up with different recipes and variations of things and breakfast is my favorite meal of they day. In fact, it's my favorite part of the day. My body and my mind feel good, embodying an overall sense of zealousness. If I could just be in 'breakfast mode' all day long, I would.

Wow, OK, I love breakfast. Moving on...

Using the fundamentals of primal to guide you, you'll find that there are an abundance of options out there when it comes to breakfasts. I am finding that the possibilities are truly endless.

Wait. What are the fundamentals of primal? First, take a look at the Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid:

With this pyramid as your guide (yes, I know it looks nothing like the pyramid we grew up with) you'll begin to expand your mind to accept a broad array of breakfast items that don't include whole grain bagels, cereals, white flour waffles, pancakes and pastries. Notice how I said whole grain and white flour- you can still eat those things, they are just made a bit differently ;)

Almond  flour waffles, eggs, bacon and fresh strawberries

So what does that pyramid say? Essentially, in primal eating, the bulk of your diet is lean meat (including eggs) with vegetables as the second most prevalent item. Healthy fats (including animal fat!)  should be consumed on a regular basis with items like nuts, seeds, healthy starches and fruits in moderation as well as greatly limiting your sugar intake.

OK, what are you not eating? I don't like to be the glass is half-empty type of gal but there are things that are eliminated when you are primal. This isn't a definitive guide or exhaustive list but I will attempt to summarize. For further explanation on the items, click the links for reference. Items to eliminate include: grains - all grains - not just glutenous, legumes (including soy) artificial sweeteners and processed foods in general. 

And then there are, of course, some items that are in limbo- or a grey area. Meaning some will tell you that they are primal while others will tell you they are not- this is where you need to use your 'body's best judgement.' Some of these items include: dairy (I cannot eat dairy anyway), white potatoes, cassava and wild rice.

By large, the toughest for people to eliminate are grains. And you'll find that a lot of 'primals' do still eat 1-2 grains on occasion such as brown rice or oats. Most that are primal do about 90/10 or 80/20 - 90% primal, 10% non-primal or 'cheats.' Lately I have been about 95% (non-primal items being occasional peanut butter, chickpeas and probably a bit more fruit than is recommended ;)). 

So, what are some breakfast options?

Two eggs olive oil w/ asparagus, shallots and shiitake mushrooms
2 eggs w/ dill, 1/4 grapefruit and 1/2 sweet potato
Two scrambled eggs w/ Pesto & Spinach

2 eggs, 1/2 zucchini w/ handful of spinach

Grain-less Strawberry rhubarb biscuits, eggs w/ spinach, scallions, chicken sausage and/or bacon

2 eggs w/ bacon & (heated) Ratatouille

That was just a glimpse into my last couple of weeks... I know, I eat a lot eggs.

Below are recipes for some more breakfast options:





More eggs:

Well, there you have it. A whole lot of breakfasts that can be eaten while living and embracing the primal lifestyle. 

Too be continued... 

Atop a foothill in one of my most favorite places in Colorado



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