Monday, July 9, 2012

Bodhi Life Roadtripping

A roadtrip can be quite intimidating when you eat...well...pretty dang different than just about everyone else you encounter. One thing I know for certain in this life, is that what I consume can and will drastically impact not only my mood, but my perspective, my thoughts, my physical and emotional strength and my energy.

What I put into my body is something I take great value in and simply refuse to compromise. Sure there are times where I think "shoot, why did I just eat that? I know it will make me feel 'x' later," but it's something I will go out of my way to avoid and strive everyday to ensure that it doesn't happen.

So, I was faced with 11 days away over 1,500 miles away from home with limited access to health food stores or fresh produce. Below is a brief synopsis of how I embraced a clean eating lifestyle while on the road.  

Note, this was intended for four people & not all of it was eaten :)

Thank you to my family for supporting me including my sister who is on her own dietary journey and my brother-in-law for supporting us both and never once complaining.

Enjoy ;)

What you see in the above photo: 

Coconut oil
Olive oil
Almond Milk
Chocolate Hazelnut Milk
Almond Flour
Coconut Flour
3 dark chocolate bars
Oodles of Justin's nut butter
~ 25 Larabars
Organic Unsweetened Coconut flakes
Organic Pineapple Macadamia Macaroons
2 bags of Skinny Crisps (Plain Jane and Toasty Onion)
1 bag Raw Crackers (Garden Herb)
1 bag sweet potato chips
2 bags Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix
5 packages of roasted seaweed
3 bags potato chips (Avocado oil Kettle)
3 cans of all natural tuna
1 1/2 bags Royal Abyssinia Coffee 
Homemade trail mix - salt free (macadamia, pecans, walnuts, cranberries, cherries and mango) 

Not Pictured, the cooler & more: 

4 fillets of smoked salmon
2 packages of nitrate/antibiotic free chicken breast
4 small cucumbers
Carton of spinach 
Bundle of carrots
Bundle of celery 
Bundle of bananas 
Few apples
Couple oranges
Few kiwis 
Carton of strawberries 
Carton of blueberries
Snack time in the car

Out to dinner at a local fish-fry joint in Northern Wisconsin 

Hmmm... Well, one thing I have learned: Always ask. Chances are, you have options :)

Grilled shrimp, pan cooked halibut and a side salad

Homemade trail mix

OK, I almost didn't write this...but we didn't actually eat this as the glass busted apart and it was subsequently sabotaged. So, lesson learned: pack your glass better OR bite the paraban dust and use plastic bags.  

However, I am still proud of my concoction and thankfully had some leftover waiting for me at home ;)

Homemade trail mix - salt free (macadamia, pecans, walnuts, cranberries, cherries and mango)  

Exercising on the road:

My beautiful sister getting some exercise at a gas station (tricep dips)

Breakfast at the lake-house: 

Peach coconut flour pancakes

Peach Coconut Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon & 100% pure maple syrup 

The View

Breakfast at the lake-house, cont...

Scrambled eggs / onion, tomatoes, spinach & bacon & berries

Dinner at the lake-house: 

'Beer' Can chicken, we actually used beer for one and gluten free hard apple cider for the other

Beer can chicken w/ cold potato salad (potatoes, yellow peppers, radishes, celery, apples olive oil, salt & pepper)

Exercising on Superior 

Planks while looking for 'agates'
Breakfast at the lake-house, cont...

Scrambled eggs w/ bacon and a cocoa macaroon

Dinner at the lake-house, cont...

We were blessed to have stayed in a location were we had access to fish and some (limited but some...) produce 

 Not quite sure what's going on here, but, we were making fish...

Mmm guacamole: avocado, onion, tomato, lemon juice, peaches, seasoning
Lake trout battered with egg, almond milk & almond flour, coconut flour w/ seasonings, guac and sweet potato chips

Wait, what about alcohol? 

Hmm... It's a bit of a grey area as it is basically sugar which leads to inflammation (causing gastrointestinal distress, fatigue etc). But, if you are going to have some the better options are vodka, mead (honey and water), gin (juniper berries), hard ciders and wine.

Breakfast at the lake-house, cont... 

Sometimes, it just doesn't go as planned.

The idea here was to make coconut flour pancakes with banana similar to my waffle recipe only without eggs because we were short on them. A good egg replacement is a 1/4 cup of water and a teaspoon of ground flaxseed. Well, I didn't have flaxseed. But, I did have chia seeds. What we had? Coconut flour banana scramble.

Scrambled eggs w/ onions, 'coconut flour banana scramble' & blueberries

Exercising on the road, cont...

Yes, I had a pillow perm AND a scarf around my hair...

I was excited to drive

We were able to eat at home a lot so that was a huge bonus in feeling good and eating clean. When I did go out or was at other homes, I did the best I could in sicking to veggies, meats & fruits. It doesn't always come easy and some may have looked at me as if I am 'depriving' myself rather than choosing a different lifestyle but it's something that I have come to accept and embrace.

Other exercises included: jogs, walks, hikes, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, tricep dips, free-weights using rocks on the beach, lunges, yoga and lots of stretching. I felt so great doing different things than I do in the gym. Love to change things up a bit.

There you have it. A roadtrip and more.


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