Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Starting Your Day Primal

One of the questions I am constantly asked by folks when they discover that I eat the way that I do (call it clean, natural, primal or just healthy) is:  How do you find the time in the day to prepare all that food?  

Well, I don't find the time. I create the time. 

Here's a little bit of insight as to how my average weekday mornings go:
  • 5:30AM-  Alarm clock rings, adjust my eyes to my iPhone and peruse the news, check Facebook Land and see what's going on in my inbox's
  • 5:40AM - Actually get out of bed, do my thing and put my running clothes on (oh how I love my Brooks tennis shoes)
  • 5:45AM-  Eat some pre-run fuel (either a handful of a nut mixture, primal muffin or banana)
  • 5:50-6:50AM - Run, jog, frolic or walk 
  • 6:50AM - Tune into Good Morning America, gather and prepare snacks and meals for my day and make breakfast 
  • 7:05AM - Eat my breakfast (typically two eggs with some spinach and/or other veggies)
All of that plus a shower, stop at the local coffee shop for an Americano, puts me at work around 8:15AM feeling fresh and satisfied.

So, what do I bring with me to work? Below are some examples...

Note, these pictures may not include everything I brought for the day and I almost always have a Larabar or homemade bar with me that I eat prior to my evening workout that aren't pictured here. 

Raspberries, blueberries, cucumber, cherries, spinach, shredded carrots, container of macadamia nuts

Cucumbers, parsley, mint, spinach, white cherries, 1/2 apple,  chicken breast (nitrate and hormone free), celery w/ sunbutter and raisins

Spinach, dill & onion (for my eggs), cucumber, kale, peach, avocado, banana

Oregano & spinach (for eggs), shallot, cucumber, peach, mint and avocado (for salsa), blueberries

I could certainly prepare a lot of the food that I prepare for my days the night prior but I usually choose not to. It's kind of a fun ritual for me. What shall I have today? I ask myself.

To do this, you'll want to have a stocked fridge...



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