Sunday, September 16, 2012

Post Sugar Detox

In case you missed it, I ended my '21-Day-Sugar Detox' a week early. You can read more about that here.

Well, my body has definetely gone through some 'wtf' moments over the past few weeks. Adding things in, taking things out, adding things back in etc. It's trying on the body. But let me tell you, after just 14 days of not eating fruit it felt AMAZING to just buy some..

Ah yeah...

Note: I was out of my staples like hemp and flaxseeds so this list is a bit bigger than normal ;)

Concord grapes, olive tapenade, Coco-Roons, Pocket Snacks (nut & seed mix), Prosciutto, chicken breast, turkey breast, chicken sausage, eggplant,  acorn squash, yellow squash, avocados, strawberries, blueberries, apples, kale, artichoke, plums, spinach, scallions, leeks, mint, coconut milk, coconut water, bananas, unsweetened almond milk, hulled hemp seeds, ground flaxseed, poppy seeds, dijon mustard.

Punch drunk.

Yes, I felt punch drunk the first few days. You know the feeling in your stomach when you wake up after a night of having a tad bit too much of your favorite alcoholic beverage? That 'sloshie' somewhat nauseating feeling? Or when you drink way to much water in one given sitting?

Yeah. It's like that. Not necessarily a stomach ache but uneasy. And a bit dazed. That being said, while my body was enduring somewhat of a shock, I could tell that I physically felt so much better. I could actually function! Within the first day I could feel a difference and by day four my energy was about back to normal.

Something that happened that I can't find an explanation for is that salt is effecting me more now. A tiny tiny bit of sea salt is OK but any more than that I start feeling icky.

Overall, things are tasting VERY good ;) Apples, blueberries, plums YUM all so so so divine!

I will say that doing the detox has made me much more aware of the amount of sugar that I am eating and there have been moments throughout the week when I opted for a hard boiled egg or veggie instead of fruit for a snack especially if my last one was fruit. I have also continued to greatly reduce the natural sugar (honey or maple syrup) that I add to my baked goods as well as dried fruit.

In that regard, I think that the detox served a great purpose in making me more conscious of my sugar consumption.

Some things I made this week to introduce sugar back in:

Banana Raisin Bread 2

Primal Pumpkin Granola

Kale Apple Slaw

Like I said in my last post, I am proud that I made it as far as I did on the detox but I am even more proud that I stopped. My body thanked my for it ;)

Be kind, be grateful and be well ;)

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