Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweet Potato and Blueberry Scramble

Who knew blueberries go so well with sweet potatoes? Well, I didn't but they are a fabulous match. This scramble is super easy and filling.

Perfect for a weekend breakfast :)

Sweet Potato and Blueberry Scramble

1/2 of a medium sized sweet potato, chopped
2 eggs, organic cage-free
1 tbls water
1 scallion, minced 
Handful of spinach, chopped
Dash of garlic powder
Tiny pinch of ground sage
1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 tsp 100% pure maple syrup


Steam the sweet potatoes for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, heat (low-medium)  a small pan with the olive oil. Mix the eggs, water, scallion and spinach in a bowl and add to the pan. Scramble the eggs to your desired 'done-ness,' add in the sweet potatoes, garlic powder, sage, blueberries and syrup and scramble together for about 5 more minutes.

You could also add some meat to this dish. I was thinking a pork breakfast sausage or even elk would go great. I may have to get some for next time :)

Enjoy ;)

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