Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bailey Thanksgiving Feast 2012

While most of my family eats quite 'normal' (aka gluten, dairy, soy, corn) some of us like to complicate things and have allergies, intolerance and sensitivities. To a lot of food. Mainly gluten and dairy but also yeast, soy, most nuts, seeds and some fruits. So it took  some planning to ensure that everyone could safely eat everything that was made without having to worry about getting sick. Aside from the expected post Thanksgiving feeling of never wanting to eat again...

Staying true to Thanksgiving, I am so very thankful for my family and their willingness to try new things and not just help make dishes that we too could eat but also eat and enjoy them too.

I can confidently say that everyone enjoyed our gluten/dairy/yeast/soy free Thanksgiving meal. Even the kiddos ;)

Note: We did have one glutenous item for the gluten-eaters and that was Mom's Reach-For-More Rolls. They were referred to as 'The Gluten.' 

Bailey Thanksgiving Feast 2012

Main Course

Side Dishes

Spreads & Condiments

Compound 'Butter'  (for the turkey)

Tip: Print and hang your recipes up with hangers for easy access :)




Mom's (Glutenous) Reach-For-More Rolls (fully loaded with gluten for the gluten eaters)




Days of planning, hours of preparation and hours to make, about 30 minutes to worth it.

The Feast

I hope you can enjoy some of these items throughout the year or for your next Thanksgiving ;)

Ashley & Family


  1. This looks SO wonderful. I'm going to try these recipes even though I'm glutaneous ;-D Thanks for YOU.

    1. You are welcome and thank you! Certainly let me know how they go :)