Thursday, February 21, 2013

Product Review: Artisana Butters


I even love to say their name.

I had the pleasure of trying out some samples from Artisana recently and... I am certain I will be finding room in my kitchen for more Artisana products. 

You'll see on my 'Simple Pleasures: The Food' page that I have Artisana Coconut Oil and Artisana Coconut Butter listed as a couple of my favorite products. I also have the Artisana Coconut Oil listed on my 'Simple Pleasures: Face & Body' page. You can read about why I love those products there.

Now, for these heavenly lil' packets...

Cashew Butter: The cashew butter is almost like a frosting. Not in sweetness but in the buttery, smooth texture. This could be used for various frosting or cream cheese replacements. Loved it.

Almond Butter: I eat quite a bit of almond butter and loved this one because it is simply raw almonds. Many other almond butters have other  ingredients such as salt and cane sugar. There are SO many uses for almond butter. I like to enjoy just by itself or with a banana or apple. Yum :)

Cacao Bliss: OK- not sure this needs much of description. Cacao Bliss is bliss. Seriously. Delicious.

Macadamia Butter: I LOVE this butter. So good. I have made my own macadamia butter in the past theirs has cashew butter in at as well (here is why) which makes it super creamy. I enjoyed this plain but macadamia butter can be used in various recipes to replace cheese (especially ricotta), cream cheese or frosting.

Pecan Butter: Well, I love pecans to begin with but this butter was fantastic. I like to enjoy this one by itself but could be added to so many different foods... Perfect...

My favorite? 

If I had to choose, I may choose the pecan and macadamia....together... A wonderful bit of mother nature. 

Perhaps the best attribute to Artisana products is that their ingredients are completely natural and simple. The butters have few ingredients and often just one. Purely simple and natural :)

Discover more about Artisana here.


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