Friday, February 1, 2013

Bodhi Approved: Face & Body

You are in the 'Face & Body' section of all the products I love, for a run down of my other favorite products, visit the here.

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment 
I love this 'tinted lip treatment' i.e. lipstick. It has SPF in it though you cannot taste or smell it (you know how some lip products with SPF just taste ick?) The colors are brilliant and last a long time both in application as well as the product itself.
Juice Beauty Organic Lip Moisturizer
I am just not learning about Juice Beauty and so far like most of the products I have tried but I love the lip moisturizer. I like to double up on a moisturizer and color and this is an awesome 'top coat' to lipstick.
Nivea Skin Firming Lotion 
Well, I am not sure if it firms my skin, but I have been using this lotion for years and I still love the neutral scent and the way it feels. Why change if something is working? ;)
Artisana Coconut Oil 

Yep, you saw this in the food section as well. Coconut oil is ooooooh so good for us and has SOOOO many health benefits and uses. I use coconut oil as a regular lotion along with the Nivea and Artisana is my favorite brand as far as the way that it feels on my skin.
Clearly Natural Unscented Bar Soap
My skin is suuuuper sensitive so I need to have an unscented and hypoallergenic bar soap and I don't like body wash. I can't explain that. This has been my favorite bar soap. It's soft, and does its job ;)
Noxema Razors
Like I said, I have sensitive skin. When I was a teenager, I found that I would get a rash on my legs from razors which was a huge bummer and then I finally found the Noxzema brand and have never used another razor since.

I will continue to update this page as I come across new products. To view other products that I love, click here

What are some of the products that you adore? Feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear about them!



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