bodhi life's 5 basic principles: 

Grand Marais, MI - Lake Superior, July 2014
#1) Eat real food. Eliminating processed foods is key in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Consuming foods that are closest to their natural state as possible brings our bodies closer to the natural world and closer to bodhi.

#2) Zero scales. Unless you are dedicated to tracking your progress, I believe weight scales are nothing more than white noise. You will know the optimal weight for you by the way you feel. If weight-loss is your goal, by becoming aware of how your body responds to food, weight-loss will happen. Trust me. 

#3) No templates. I believe there are a few things that can be shifted and work for just about everyone, the rest depends on the chemistry of each individual person.

#4) Embrace patience. When transforming your lifestyle, you are not just breaking one habit. You are breaking years of countless small habits and re-learning what health means to you and your body. This takes time and great awareness.

#5) Nourish then exercise . I believe that what you eat has a far greater impact on their health than exercise. Exercise will then support you in living a healthy lifestyle.


I live a plant-based lifestyle that is based on largely on a combination of eating raw and primal eating. Primal is a way of eating that encourages us to eat real unprocessed foods. You may have heard of Paleo, or the 'caveman diet' or maybe even 'eat like your ancestors.' All of those concepts are similar in the way that they suggest a diet based on removing grains and highly processed foods, limiting carb intake while embracing lean proteins, vegetables and small amounts of fruit, nuts, seeds and herbs. Here is a bit more on the differences between Primal and Paleo.

Eating raw is consuming foods that are uncooked or not heated above 115 degrees. The foods that that are encouraged while living raw are vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains. The theory around heating is that the nutrients in the food and especially the enzymes will begin to grade when exposed to high heat. That may all be true, it is up for debate. The reason why a portion of what I eat is raw is simply because my body feels the best when I eat fresh, uncooked foods as close to their natural state as possible. That being said, I find my body does best when I do incorporate some cooked plant foods such as beans, legumes and steamed or roasted vegetables. My lovelies, it is all a balance ;)

You can see how these two 'diets' are in conflict with one another. Primal removes grains while raw supports them in raw form; raw doesn't 'cook' anything while primal has no restriction on cooking or heating. My body feels the best when combining these two approaches. So does it have a name? I like to simply call it 'Eating Real.'

There are very few supplements that I support taking. I believe if you are eating real, you are getting all the nutrients you need from the nutrient dense food that you consume. I do take a probiotic for my own happy gut and feel many can benefit from replenishing the good bacteria in their gut flora. In addition, I take fish oil for my joints and to reduce inflammation in the body. I am of the opinion that supplements should only be taken if an individual is proven deficient in them.


If you have heard of Paleo or Primal, then you have likely heard of CrossFit. The two lifestyles tend to go hand-in-hand. So, you may ask why I don't participate in CrossFit? I do not have anything against the CrossFit lifestyle, though I have discovered that it is not the type of fitness lifestyle for me. 

I believe that the dynamics of a fitness program are very intimate and personal and must be tailored to each individual. Finding a balance between cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscle strength is essential to achieve optimal health and the key is to understand how those elements work and respond within a specific individual.

My body responds well to gentle exercise such as walking, jogging, hiking, light weight-training and yoga. 
We all must find what works well for us.



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