Hunger Scale

Hunger Scale Pre-Eating (HSPE)

1 - I'm comfortable, not hungry
2 - I'm getting hungry but it's not urgent
3 - I'm really hungry and need to eat
4 - I'm so hungry I feel like I could faint (this may include 'the shakes,' hot flashes or inability to focus)
5 - I'm past the point of hungry and now I'm nauseous

Hunger Scale Throughout Eating (HSTE)

1 - I can feel that I am still hungry
2 - I can feel that I am enjoying my food but I'm not hungry anymore
3 - I  can feel that I am getting filled up but I am going to eat more
4 - I can feel that I am really full but I want to eat more (likely because it's tasty)
5 - I feel so full I'm regretting eating all of my meal (and possibly more)

Now, this may even be more difficult to gauge than feeling how hungry you are initially. There are couple different reasons why this can be so difficult.

1). You reached 4 or 5 on the 'Hunger Scale Pre-eating' and you cannot determine if you have eaten enough food yet because you are still feeling 'faint'

2). You're food is so tasty that your tastebuds are telling your gut that you are still hungry :)

Those are both hard battles to be in. Ideally, you (and I) want to prevent ourselves from being past level 3 on the HSPE. And even more, about a 2.5, in between getting hungry and need to eat. This is when I find that I can use my best judgment on when to stop eating. You'll see that these scales go hand-in-hand. Similar to the HSPE, you'll want to hover around a 2 with HSTE. Once you can feel that your body is satisfied- no more food should be consumed. Satisfied is the operative word here. Caution lies around 4 on the HSTE and 5 should be avoided.

When you're satisfied, stop. Eat to be satisfied. This takes practice, but it is possible. And even realistic.

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